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Time Travelling in the North of England

It's all about the Yes

This past week has been my birthday and I’ve been celebrating it by visiting a few places of history in both Leeds & Northumberland. On Wednesday after opening my cards and pressies we set off for Temple Newsham, a Tudor-Jacobean large house in Leeds. This house is the birthplace of a Lord Darnley. The name meant nothing to me but it would seem he was the husband of one Mary, Queen of Scots – arch enemy of Queen Elizabeth the First! For anyone like me who doesn’t drive, it’s fairly straightforward to get the bus. However it doesn’t actually stop outside the house. Instead it’s a mile walk from the closest bus stop. Or, if you are like me and have no sense of direction, it becomes a 3 mile walk when you desperately try to remember the way you went several years before and end up circling round the…

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It’s a Ripon good town

It's all about the Yes

This bank holiday I ticked off another city of the alphabet in my Visit 26 towns or cities starting with each letter of the alphabet challenge as part of the 101 things to do in 1001 days project ( and ticked off the letter R with Ripon, a small cathedral city just North of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. It is the fourth smallest city in England.

First impressions were that it is a beautiful town. Lots of open spaces and as we turn into summer lots of trees and flowers in bloom. One of the frustrating things about trying to get to Ripon is its lack of train station. Even my tiny housing estate has its own station but theirs closed down in 1967 and has yet to be reopened. Looking into the cities history it does mention ongoing council debates to have a station re-opened so things may…

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