Skipton – North Yorkshire

We weren’t meant to go to Skipton last week. The original plan had been to spend a few hours in Saltaire near Bradford (in West Yorkshire). I’d been told that there I could visit a different style of market every day and had also been told of a lovely Japanese furniture shop. Sadly despite the hour we walked round I saw nothing of this. In fact we saw nothing at all.

Rather than have a wasted day, we decided to take the train further up the line and go to Skipton. The sun had come out just as we arrived which is always a good sign 🙂

Walking up the road we decided to stop at the first restaurant we found for lunch and ended up at Bizzie Lizzie’s fish shop. Bright, clean, reasonably priced and friendly staff, I had the best fish dinner for a long time.

The restaurant sat on the canal where you could see lots of brightly coloured canal boats both in use as people’s homes but also to hire. Sadly we didn’t have time for a canal boat ride but it’s something I’d like to do one day. At the side of the canal the council had taken advantage of a small space and filled it full of sand. Complete with lifeguards & deck chairs positioned around it made a fun alternative beach scene for children during school holidays.

All across both sides of the main street were market stalls selling everything you could think of. As this meant they were also outside the main brick shops it made things a bit claustrophobic passing through. If staying longer than an afternoon I would do my shopping either early in the day or towards the end to avoid the crush.

The main thing we saw on our afternoon was Skipton Castle, an almost still complete medieval castle around 900 years old. This place was fantastic for history lovers. Privately owned it’s been very well looked after and comes complete with its own derelict church. One of the amazing things we saw there was a yew tree planted in 1659 by the then Lady of the house.

For me, I got to use my new found obsession with The White Queen (see For the Love of Books blog reviews!) to now fully understand the time period in which the castle was built. There is mention around Skipton of Richard III and for the first time I was able to put the story & era of a King to a place we visited. Normally my history of Kings & Queens is a bit rubbish – something I’m working on 🙂

Overall we enjoyed our short time here and wished we had more time. Hopefully we will be back for a longer time again soon. 




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  1. Ellen Spence
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 12:44:50

    If you ever get chance, do go to Middleham Castle or Richmond. Middleham is a ruin, but Richard III spent much of his time there when he was a young man, and there’s a great pub nearby. Richmond castle is more or less a hill fortress, with a wall running round the top of the hill and a very steep drop down to the river. Lovely place to wander around after -nice market town.
    If you want to come back to Skipton, there’s a market on every day except Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The cheese stall up at the top near the church is fab, so many places to sit and drink your coffee or tea (Russian tea rooms supposed to be very good, but I’m not a tea drinker) and at the beginning of December, they close the high street off on two of the Sundays and run a medieval charity market.
    Skipton castle is something else isn’t it? Lady Anne Clifford was the powerhouse in that family. Castle now owned by the Fattorinis – jewellers and silversmiths.


    • kirk72
      Aug 11, 2013 @ 12:51:38

      I’ve kept this info and will share with my friend as we are always looking for new places to try. I saw the market but love the idea of a medieval one so will jeep a look out for that. I went in a Russian tea room to have a look around but had my son with me who wasn’t interested in me trying all the teas (I love tea!!) lol so that’s on my To Do list. x


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