Haworth 1940’s festival





Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 013 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 014 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 015 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 016 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 017 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 018 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 019 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 020 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 024We picked a glorious sunny day to go to Haworth for their annual 1940’s festival. This is the 2nd time we’ve been there with the first time taking in all the tourist places of the village such as the Bronte museum, the graveyard and lunch at the Black Bull pub where Branwell Bronte used to drink. Today though we were there to go back in time.

We got there fairly early at 10.30 and having never been we had no idea whether the huge crowds already there were for the festival or the weather. The most obvious thing when we got there and something I really liked were the amount of people in traditional dress be that tea dresses and lined tights or war time uniform. There were still enough people in casual dress that we didn’t look out of place but if I go again I’ll be sure to make more of an effort. There were so many stalls mostly vintage clothes and Forces charities raising money and some cake/chocolate stalls that were melting in the heat. Lunch was at the Old White Lion this time simply because they were the only ones that had seemed to make an effort to sell some 1940’s food. Other places had given themselves old fashioned names but were still selling hot dogs and burgers. But at the Old White Lion we went back in time and I had spam fritters for the first time since school 26 years ago!

Then more walking. We must’ve walked miles today. Down the famous cobbled streets to our favourite chocolate shop ‘…and chocolate’. We can’t go to Haworth now without getting some of their chocolate. Most of the shops that reside on that street had amended their shop fronts and some of their stock to keep the 40’s feel going and yet more people had set up food stands. You were never short of a hot dog today! Too early to stop at the wonderful ’10 The Coffee House’ for possibly the best afternoon tea I’ve ever tasted we kept on walking to see the stalls set up in the central park. For those interested in that sort of thing there was the chance to shoot from army weapons along with more food and drink and a musical turn in the tent. Just round the back of the park there was a traditional tea dance with a swing dance lesson included in the entry fee.

We had been there most of the day by this point and our feet were suffering from the heat and walking so we made our way back to Keighley by steam train taking in the beautiful scenery and ending the day keeping with the 40’s theme at the Forteas tea rooms finally getting our cake! A beautiful day, fun for all the family and I will definitely be back next year.


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