Tetley gallery – Leeds

So I said I was going to get out more and this week I finally got around to visiting the Tetley art gallery in Leeds. Opened in 2013 it’s situated in the building that once housed Tetley brewery for over 200 years. An interesting landmark for me as living in the South of Leeds it’s a place I’ve passed on my way to the city centre as a child and on my way to work for far to many years to admit. I was intrigued to see what they had done with a building I have seen so much of.

I enjoyed the current exhibition Painting in Time by various international artists. I got to see my first ever Yoko Ono piece which was exactly what I expected of her (wacky and made no sense to me but still fun). They have a further exhibition on that commemorates the tetley brand with artists incorporating it into their work.

The gallery has loads to do for all the family and also holds art classes for adults. There is also a lovely find in their bar/restaurant. Out of this world food and reasonable prices. We ended up spending 2 hours relaxing the day away before looking around.

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Let’s get travelling

Whilst doing a blog for my other page I promoted this one and realised I haven’t updated it since October! That’s quite bad. It’s been a challenging six months financially but I hadn’t realised just how much that had affected me getting out and about until now.

So seeing as I love challenges I’ve made myself an A-Z list of places I can see in the country. I’ve also borrowed my son’s 1001 things to do in Britain and made a list of all the fun stuff to do in my home town of Leeds so it’s time to shake off the winter blues and go see what’s going on in the world and share some of it with you.

Incidentally if you want to see a travel (of a kind) blog based on football head over to https://danwhitephotography.wordpress.com/

He’s ‘doing the 92’ challenge of all the top 92 football stadiums in the UK.

Right I’m off to go find somewhere to start my return to adventure 🙂

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