A spiritual Day Out

The other week I attended a number of spiritual workshops over in Shepley, Huddersfield. Lots of crystals, angelic meditation and interesting results.

First up we had aura sprays. This is something I’ve never given much thought to in the past. We started with a meditation in which we were invited to meet our angel. My first thought was of Gabriel simply because I like the guy who plays him in Supernatural (me? shallow? sometimes…) but during the meditation I started thinking about Uriel instead. Not one I remember knowing about (my angel knowledge is a bit rubbish something I should probably work on)  but he stands for new ideas and knowledge and helps heal resentments and forgive people. All things I need as I go along my own journey.

Afterwards we were then given a pendulum, some essential oils, small crystals and water and got playing. I managed three sprays in the end – one to attract love, one to guide me on my path and one to attract the home I would like to live in (ideally in a place surrounded by like-minded people).

After the break we then moved onto manifestation. I loved this the most. Whether you want to be spiritual and do this with crystals and meditation or you have different beliefs and choose to skips those parts it’s a pretty fun way to think about what you want in life. In its simplest terms – it’s cutting up pictures of what you want and sticking them to a cork board. Me and a friend couldn’t get over how enjoyable it was to simply sit for a few hours playing with scissors and glue like we did as children.

Our final part of the day will appeal to some and not others as we had a talk about Atlantis, angels and crystal skulls. More meditation including an attempt at a past life followed by some healing. It’s an area I know little about but was fascinated with and want to explore more of. I’ve picked up a couple of Diana Cooper books so that’s my reading for the next few weeks

One thing I asked for was abundance. Ideally an abundance of love and money (who doesn’t). What I’ve noticed is that this is happening but not as I may have thought it. It may be my body language is changing as I welcome positive changes but I’ve noticed an increase in strangers talking to me, I’ve felt lighter in myself so this may be projecting outwards towards others. People keep giving me small gifts. Even though my monthly food group has a no birthday gift policy (there’s 8 of us it’s too expensive) last week I was given a few pressies. I’ve been invited to join in new groups forming and the funniest was during a time of great trauma (I ran out of teabags! For anyone who knows me this is bad). the next day a friend arrived complete with tim of tea. Whether these things happen all the time and I’m only just noticing I don;t know but even love in small doses lifts the spirit

I’m also finding coppers and 5 pence pieces everywhere. At the workshop I was told Tigers Eye crystal is good financial luck and if you carry some in your purse it will never be empty. This is certainly true as these small coins are currently everywhere! Hopefully the small love will manifest into a larger one and mr Right will turn up and the pennies will turn into pounds but what I am receiving at the minute fills me with joy.

I will be attending a crystal healing course at the end of July to be able to do more of this for other people as part of moving towards being a (spiritual) life coach. maybe I’ll see some of you soon for to play with the scissors and glue 🙂


Meanwood Valley Urban Farm Leeds

It’s been twenty years since I last had to find a way to occupy a two-year old for the day so when my friend said she was coming over to pay a visit and where could we go

First we looked at Eureka in Halifax but at £11.95 for adults £4.95 for the 2-year-old, charging for parking & petrol and then food (even if you take a picnic you still have to buy the stuff) we were looking at nearly £50 between us. A bit extreme for us so we settled on the much cheaper option of a trip to the farm.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a lovely farm on the edge of a housing estate in Leeds. For those with only a little cash at £2 per adult and 50p for the over 2’s it’s a much better option. We bought a couple of bags of animal food and took our Kate off to feed the animals. there are gardens you can walk around and a field that leads up to a horse paddock.

There are also lots of smaller animals for children (and adults) to feed such as guinea pigs. We fed some sheep and then the donkeys that had originally been rescued by a sanctuary from abuse.

There’s a cafe with fabulous food – the portions were huge for what you pay for. And the cakes were divine (always a plus point).

Overall you so much more than what you pay for and it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon entertaining the kids and getting them out into nature. Highly recommended 🙂

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