Meanwood Valley Urban Farm Leeds

It’s been twenty years since I last had to find a way to occupy a two-year old for the day so when my friend said she was coming over to pay a visit and where could we go

First we looked at Eureka in Halifax but at £11.95 for adults £4.95 for the 2-year-old, charging for parking & petrol and then food (even if you take a picnic you still have to buy the stuff) we were looking at nearly £50 between us. A bit extreme for us so we settled on the much cheaper option of a trip to the farm.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a lovely farm on the edge of a housing estate in Leeds. For those with only a little cash at £2 per adult and 50p for the over 2’s it’s a much better option. We bought a couple of bags of animal food and took our Kate off to feed the animals. there are gardens you can walk around and a field that leads up to a horse paddock.

There are also lots of smaller animals for children (and adults) to feed such as guinea pigs. We fed some sheep and then the donkeys that had originally been rescued by a sanctuary from abuse.

There’s a cafe with fabulous food – the portions were huge for what you pay for. And the cakes were divine (always a plus point).

Overall you so much more than what you pay for and it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon entertaining the kids and getting them out into nature. Highly recommended 🙂

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