Whitby 2016

This weekend I took myself off for a day out in Whitby. I’ve lost track of how long its been since I last went so it was almost like seeing it new again. I chose to go up by coach and the first leg Leeds to York was quite ordinary however once you get past York and out into the North Yorkshire moors the views are really quite breathtaking. The villages are beautiful. I’d actually quite like to get a day hopper ticket and stop off at these villages for some more exploring.

I spent most of my time exploring the abbey ruins, inspiration and setting for Bram Stokers Dracula. It’s now an English Heritage site and they’ve looked after it really well. I was surprised by the amount of land protected as well as the actual abbey. There were some priests on the day discussing ancient labyrinths and how they were used as thinking tools with the monks often walking around them as they pondered life’s mysteries. Of course I had to have a go 🙂  You had the option of being given something to think about as you walked but as I like to practise mindfulness and the Now I preferred to just enjoy my surroundings.

I had a little wander around Old Town peering in the shops (not enough cash for what I really wanted so an excuse to go back!) and had the most wonderful cake at Marie Antoinette’s cake shop before exploring the marina and the rest of the town. It’s a beautiful place and getting there involves yet more amazing scenery so somewhere I want to go back again sooner rather than later.


Middleton Park #Leeds 2016

I love to go walking in our local park. To me it’s South Leeds hidden treasure. There are a lot of deprived spots in our part of town and then in the middle of it all a beautiful park. Originally the park was home to the mines but these have since been filled in. However you can still see in some areas where these mines were especially if you follow one of four trails in the park. There’s also a lake, tennis courts and the most beautiful bluebells and woodlands. The volunteers at the park are always finding events to put on and I’m looking forward to the annual free Shakespeare show by Oddsocks in July.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy:

Haworth 1940’s festival 2016

I love going to Haworth and their festivals. This is my third time for the 1940’s one. Bit different this time as I’d gone with a group of friends rather than just one so I didn’t cover as many things as before. As usual there’s stalls with vintage clothing, the bandstand for some tea dances and a fly over by spitfires.

We had a bit of an adventure this time getting there. Opting to arrive by steam train our train was cancelled after the steam backfired and injured the boilerman. Then an accident on the way back when I tripped on the stairs of the train station hurting my shoulder. Oh and squashing my cupcakes and damaging my ego 🙂

The bits in between were fun. It’s always nice to hang out with friends and I can’t wait for the next one. Maybe next time I’ll finally get myself sorted out early and be able to go in period clothes.

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