Durham, County Durham

The second part of my trip with Blue Sky coach travel was an afternoon in Durham. We had longer here and finally the sun had come out. Initially I didn’t like it. I went on a Saturday, people were out in force and I couldn’t find anywhere to eat. I suffer from severe anxiety and all the above are triggers for me to have panic attacks. It took me about half an hour to finally find somewhere quiet enough to feel relaxed – The Cafe on the Green next door to the cathedral. One of those places that have no concept of simple food & charge £6.50 for a sandwich but it suited my needs. Refreshed and less stressed I went to see the main reason for my visit – Durham Cathedral or The Cathedral Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St Cuthbert of Durham to give it it’s full name. The place is huge and is now a World Heritage site and originally founded in AD635. I find it fascinating how many of our ancient structure are still standing, even more awe-inspiring to see some of these still in use. I wasn’t allowed to take photo’s of the inside sadly.

Also disappointing was the closure of Durham castle, another place on my must see list. Apparently they were hosting a Bavarian cultural exchange and beer-fest hence the closure. I saw one or two scantily clad bar ‘wenches’ going inside. I wonder if all Bavarian barmaids really do wear such tiny clothes??? Seemed very stereotypical so not sure how much of the cultural exchange was true and how much was there for the students to just have a party??? So it looks like I’ll have to go back and visit this place again too to see the castle. There are also lots of signs to HMP Durham but as it’s a prison still in use I wasn’t so keen to go have a look at that!



Richmond, North Yorkshire

This week I had my first trip with Blue Sky coaches, a lovely small family run tour operator. They were an absolute dream to travel with and will definitely be using them again. The trip was a day out to visit Richmond markets and Durham. I took so many photo’s though that I’ve split my day into two blogs.

We only had an hour an half in Richmond so it’s really difficult to say if i liked it or not. Plus the weather was overcast. The outdoor market didn’t look that great to me so I opted to use the most of my time visiting the 11th century castle instead. The views from the castle ruins are staggering and I don;t think I really do them justice with my photos. The castle was originally built to subdue the unruly North of England it is one of the greatest Norman fortresses in Britain. After a few weeks visiting North Yorkshire (being a West Yorkshire girl) I’m sorely tempted to add it to my potential future places to live when I finally ever sell my house. I’m lucky that my work sports & social club gets me into any English Heritage site for free but if you don’t have access to anything like that I would heartily recommend getting an annual pass to them or to National Trust. We have so many beautiful places here to see 🙂

I don’t think I had enough time to truly decide what I thought of the town & be able to see what else it has to offer so I think it’s a place to add to my list of places to re-visit one day for a longer look

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