Canal Walk #Leeds

The weather this week has been bleak and miserable but I’m full of energy and wanted to do something on my day off that was a bit more than the usual shopping and cleaning but that wouldn’t break the bank. I decided to go for a walk down the canal. I started at a point that’s quite near my home and set off in the direction of Leeds city centre. It’s not the most scenic route. It’s far nicer walking the other way as you can see on my travel blog (link below). That way if you walk for 127 miles you get to Liverpool on the west coast.

The mile walk to the city centre would have once given you all the mills the city was famous for but now it’s mostly broken up by the train station, hotels and businesses. There’s even now a thriving bar/restaurant section. So not as pretty as the other direction but it was good to get out of the house, blow away some mental cobwebs and get a bit of exercise.

Canal Walk Leeds to Kirkstall


Canal Walk #Leeds

In my efforts to get fit (which haven’t amounted to very much so far) I bought a pair of walking boots and decided to give them an airing with a walk down my local canal. Somewhere in an earlier blog is another part of the canal (Rodley to Apperley Bridge). This time I decided to walk the other way and if I kept on walking the rest of the 170 miles I would have arrived in Liverpool!

A Walk in the Woods #Leeds

I had a plan to cheer up a friend. A wander around Rodley Nature Reserve in Leeds followed by a trip for coffee in nearby Horsforth. Lack of planning on both our parts meant we went when the Reserve was actually closed so opted for a wander down the nearby canal. What followed was a lovely 7 mile walk and discovering some joys of Leeds we had never seen before.

We started walking down the canal in the direction of Shipley (if we’d have kept walking another 10 miles we’d have got there!) marvelling at some of the houses, amazed by nature (we must have stood watching geese fly and then land in unison on the canal for ages – just mesmerising) and just marvelling at the beauty of the landscape.

We stopped at the Moody Cow steakhouse in Apperley Bridge for lunch (very nice highly recommended) before deciding to stay off the canal and try the Calverley Millennial Walk. This turned out to be part of the Pudsey link for walkers. Again a  reminder of how beautiful nature can be when left alone. Scattered around the walk are various historical remnants such as a medieval forge which sadly we didn’t get to see this time but hopefully when better prepared we can see much more.

Hope you enjoy some photos

Middleton Park #Leeds 2016

I love to go walking in our local park. To me it’s South Leeds hidden treasure. There are a lot of deprived spots in our part of town and then in the middle of it all a beautiful park. Originally the park was home to the mines but these have since been filled in. However you can still see in some areas where these mines were especially if you follow one of four trails in the park. There’s also a lake, tennis courts and the most beautiful bluebells and woodlands. The volunteers at the park are always finding events to put on and I’m looking forward to the annual free Shakespeare show by Oddsocks in July.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy:

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm Leeds

It’s been twenty years since I last had to find a way to occupy a two-year old for the day so when my friend said she was coming over to pay a visit and where could we go

First we looked at Eureka in Halifax but at £11.95 for adults £4.95 for the 2-year-old, charging for parking & petrol and then food (even if you take a picnic you still have to buy the stuff) we were looking at nearly £50 between us. A bit extreme for us so we settled on the much cheaper option of a trip to the farm.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a lovely farm on the edge of a housing estate in Leeds. For those with only a little cash at £2 per adult and 50p for the over 2’s it’s a much better option. We bought a couple of bags of animal food and took our Kate off to feed the animals. there are gardens you can walk around and a field that leads up to a horse paddock.

There are also lots of smaller animals for children (and adults) to feed such as guinea pigs. We fed some sheep and then the donkeys that had originally been rescued by a sanctuary from abuse.

There’s a cafe with fabulous food – the portions were huge for what you pay for. And the cakes were divine (always a plus point).

Overall you so much more than what you pay for and it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon entertaining the kids and getting them out into nature. Highly recommended 🙂

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Tetley gallery – Leeds

So I said I was going to get out more and this week I finally got around to visiting the Tetley art gallery in Leeds. Opened in 2013 it’s situated in the building that once housed Tetley brewery for over 200 years. An interesting landmark for me as living in the South of Leeds it’s a place I’ve passed on my way to the city centre as a child and on my way to work for far to many years to admit. I was intrigued to see what they had done with a building I have seen so much of.

I enjoyed the current exhibition Painting in Time by various international artists. I got to see my first ever Yoko Ono piece which was exactly what I expected of her (wacky and made no sense to me but still fun). They have a further exhibition on that commemorates the tetley brand with artists incorporating it into their work.

The gallery has loads to do for all the family and also holds art classes for adults. There is also a lovely find in their bar/restaurant. Out of this world food and reasonable prices. We ended up spending 2 hours relaxing the day away before looking around.

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Leeds Light Night 2014

Chasing bluebells in Middleton Park – Leeds

The other weekend before it decided to rain for 40 days and 40 nights (or so it feels) I went up to Middleton Park in Leeds to see the bluebells and enjoy a walk through the woods. As well as the woods, play area, clearings for picnics and bowling green the Park is home to 4 trails. These cover the heritage of the old mine’s that run under the park, one for the ecologists, one for ownership and one for transport that includes Middleton Railway and museum housing some 18th century trains. Kids and adults alike can take a short ride on a steam train that connects the park to the museum. Something for everyone and a little bit of beauty in the middle of the city


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