Mystery Weekend #Bakewell #Buxton #Chester

I’ve done lots of day trips with coach companies but last month I decided to have a go at one of their overnight mystery tours. You have no idea where you are going until you get there. For me, who doesn’t mind not having a plan, I really enjoyed it and looked forward to where we could end up next and guessing what the towns could be.

In this instance we first went to Bakewell; home of the Bakewell tart. I’ve been before but only for about 90 minutes at night last December for a Xmas lights switch on. Lots more to see when there’s actually daylight! And it turned out to be a lovely little town. That was followed by the spa town of Buxton, a new place for me to go and I absolutely loved it. Finally a trip through the Peak District to get to our hotel for the evening. I loved this the most even though I spend it stuck on a coach. There’s something about our rolling hills (Peaks, Dales, Penines and more) that just makes me love the country I live in. It’s easy to forget how beautiful it is sometimes

The second day took us to Chester. That makes three times in the last 5 years for me going there so it’s beginning to lose it’s charm I think but it’s still a wonderful place to visit and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been. Not too many photo’s on this trip. I enjoyed more just getting away from everything and relaxing


A walk to work #London

Westminster to Kings Cross on foot

Every few weeks I get to go down to London for work. Trying to be a bit healthier I’ve started walking back from the office in Westminster to the train station in Kings Cross. I really enjoy it, there’s so much to see that you wouldn’t going by tube and I’ve decided that as long as the weather is fine I’m going to see what new things I can capture each time I’m there

A spiritual Day Out

The other week I attended a number of spiritual workshops over in Shepley, Huddersfield. Lots of crystals, angelic meditation and interesting results.

First up we had aura sprays. This is something I’ve never given much thought to in the past. We started with a meditation in which we were invited to meet our angel. My first thought was of Gabriel simply because I like the guy who plays him in Supernatural (me? shallow? sometimes…) but during the meditation I started thinking about Uriel instead. Not one I remember knowing about (my angel knowledge is a bit rubbish something I should probably work on)  but he stands for new ideas and knowledge and helps heal resentments and forgive people. All things I need as I go along my own journey.

Afterwards we were then given a pendulum, some essential oils, small crystals and water and got playing. I managed three sprays in the end – one to attract love, one to guide me on my path and one to attract the home I would like to live in (ideally in a place surrounded by like-minded people).

After the break we then moved onto manifestation. I loved this the most. Whether you want to be spiritual and do this with crystals and meditation or you have different beliefs and choose to skips those parts it’s a pretty fun way to think about what you want in life. In its simplest terms – it’s cutting up pictures of what you want and sticking them to a cork board. Me and a friend couldn’t get over how enjoyable it was to simply sit for a few hours playing with scissors and glue like we did as children.

Our final part of the day will appeal to some and not others as we had a talk about Atlantis, angels and crystal skulls. More meditation including an attempt at a past life followed by some healing. It’s an area I know little about but was fascinated with and want to explore more of. I’ve picked up a couple of Diana Cooper books so that’s my reading for the next few weeks

One thing I asked for was abundance. Ideally an abundance of love and money (who doesn’t). What I’ve noticed is that this is happening but not as I may have thought it. It may be my body language is changing as I welcome positive changes but I’ve noticed an increase in strangers talking to me, I’ve felt lighter in myself so this may be projecting outwards towards others. People keep giving me small gifts. Even though my monthly food group has a no birthday gift policy (there’s 8 of us it’s too expensive) last week I was given a few pressies. I’ve been invited to join in new groups forming and the funniest was during a time of great trauma (I ran out of teabags! For anyone who knows me this is bad). the next day a friend arrived complete with tim of tea. Whether these things happen all the time and I’m only just noticing I don;t know but even love in small doses lifts the spirit

I’m also finding coppers and 5 pence pieces everywhere. At the workshop I was told Tigers Eye crystal is good financial luck and if you carry some in your purse it will never be empty. This is certainly true as these small coins are currently everywhere! Hopefully the small love will manifest into a larger one and mr Right will turn up and the pennies will turn into pounds but what I am receiving at the minute fills me with joy.

I will be attending a crystal healing course at the end of July to be able to do more of this for other people as part of moving towards being a (spiritual) life coach. maybe I’ll see some of you soon for to play with the scissors and glue 🙂

Leeds Light Night 2014

Flamborough Head – Yorkshire Coast

Last week me and mum decided to have a day out to the seaside. We settled on Bridlington as mum has arthritis and we wanted somewhere with a fairly flat terrain. I haven’t been there for about 10 years and it seems to have changed so much and not for the better. Seaside towns just don’t seem to be what they used to be 10 or 20 years ago. There just wasn’t anything there to see or do. So after the obligatory fish and chips we decided to have a drive down to nearby Flamborough. I haven’t been here in maybe 30 years or more. There’s not a lot there either – just a cafe, lighthouse and the benches that overlook a truly beautiful sea. Yet I enjoyed this so much more than Bridlington. Never sure why biut I could sit and watch the ocean (and the lighthouse light) for hours. We’d picked an unseasonly warm day to go too. More tea and mother/daughter chatting. If you ever want a relaxing few hours you couldn’t pick a better place
 2014-10-02 14.34.52 2014-10-02 14.36.56 2014-10-02 14.37.05

Quiet retreat to Glastonbury

Has had a lovely few days in Glastonbury. It was a lot smaller than I expected. I think I saw it as being quite a big town however on arrival the main part of town was no nigger than a high street similar in size to one of the suburbs near me in Leeds. This just added to the charm for me though. It’s a charming little place and there is a lovely calm atmosphere.

I’ve also never met such a bunch of friendly people but had to laugh at the lack of taxis. We are so lucky in Leeds and big cities to have such a huge service with lots of cars while they have maybe 3 in total taxis all operated by seperate self employed people. And despite advertising themselves as 24 hour services they stop working once the pubs have shut and won’t do a pick up at 6.15 because “its far too early” lol.

Loved the peace & quite so much that on an afternoon trip to Wells city we found it too busy and it wasn’t a particularly busy place. Re-inforces my feelings that I need to move out of Leeds even if just to a nearby town. The peace & quiet also allowed me to have a proper think about future ideas and come up with some kind of plan for my own life and how I want it to go. 

We were there for three days and went to see the Abbey which includes the Holy Thorn tree said to have been planted by Jospeph of Arimathea on arrival from Jerusalem in Jesus’ time. Cuttings from this tree have been re-planted in several other towns. We also had some quiet meditation time at the Chalice Gardens complete with paddle in some healing waters and went to Wells city to see their cathedral. Here are a few pictures.

 2014-09-02 16.43.42 2014-09-02 17.19.31 2014-09-02 17.21.10 2014-09-03 12.46.59 2014-09-02 16.44.02

Relax in the Lake District

I’ve never been very good with birthday parties and more and more recently I’ve preferred to spend my birthday away from home on some kind of trip. This year we went to the Lake District. Despite not being very far from my home town of Yorkshire I had never been there before. As I don’t drive  a spot of research I picked Windemere as a good place to stay, it has a train station and is a central point for many buses to other villages around the Lake. Photo’s below show Windemere, Bowness and the view from the boat cruises there and Grasmere; home of William Wordsworth and site of some of his greatest inspiration.

2014-06-19 15.05.06 2014-06-20 10.32.55 2014-06-21 11.25.36 2014-06-20 10.33.06 2014-06-21 11.25.36 2014-06-21 11.25.44 2014-06-21 12.46.35 2014-06-21 12.46.40

Haworth 1940’s festival





Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 013 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 014 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 015 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 016 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 017 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 018 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 019 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 020 Howarth 1940s festival May 2014 024We picked a glorious sunny day to go to Haworth for their annual 1940’s festival. This is the 2nd time we’ve been there with the first time taking in all the tourist places of the village such as the Bronte museum, the graveyard and lunch at the Black Bull pub where Branwell Bronte used to drink. Today though we were there to go back in time.

We got there fairly early at 10.30 and having never been we had no idea whether the huge crowds already there were for the festival or the weather. The most obvious thing when we got there and something I really liked were the amount of people in traditional dress be that tea dresses and lined tights or war time uniform. There were still enough people in casual dress that we didn’t look out of place but if I go again I’ll be sure to make more of an effort. There were so many stalls mostly vintage clothes and Forces charities raising money and some cake/chocolate stalls that were melting in the heat. Lunch was at the Old White Lion this time simply because they were the only ones that had seemed to make an effort to sell some 1940’s food. Other places had given themselves old fashioned names but were still selling hot dogs and burgers. But at the Old White Lion we went back in time and I had spam fritters for the first time since school 26 years ago!

Then more walking. We must’ve walked miles today. Down the famous cobbled streets to our favourite chocolate shop ‘…and chocolate’. We can’t go to Haworth now without getting some of their chocolate. Most of the shops that reside on that street had amended their shop fronts and some of their stock to keep the 40’s feel going and yet more people had set up food stands. You were never short of a hot dog today! Too early to stop at the wonderful ’10 The Coffee House’ for possibly the best afternoon tea I’ve ever tasted we kept on walking to see the stalls set up in the central park. For those interested in that sort of thing there was the chance to shoot from army weapons along with more food and drink and a musical turn in the tent. Just round the back of the park there was a traditional tea dance with a swing dance lesson included in the entry fee.

We had been there most of the day by this point and our feet were suffering from the heat and walking so we made our way back to Keighley by steam train taking in the beautiful scenery and ending the day keeping with the 40’s theme at the Forteas tea rooms finally getting our cake! A beautiful day, fun for all the family and I will definitely be back next year.

Chasing bluebells in Middleton Park – Leeds

The other weekend before it decided to rain for 40 days and 40 nights (or so it feels) I went up to Middleton Park in Leeds to see the bluebells and enjoy a walk through the woods. As well as the woods, play area, clearings for picnics and bowling green the Park is home to 4 trails. These cover the heritage of the old mine’s that run under the park, one for the ecologists, one for ownership and one for transport that includes Middleton Railway and museum housing some 18th century trains. Kids and adults alike can take a short ride on a steam train that connects the park to the museum. Something for everyone and a little bit of beauty in the middle of the city


Day trip to Nottingham in pictures

Si yesterday I wrote a blog about Nottingham and how I really enjoyed it and was really proud of it but for some reason when it published all the words were missing. I tried to view it on my PC, my son’s and my phone but nothing. Some people liked the post so it’s possible somewhere someone could see it but for those who couldn’t here’s some pictorial proof I actually went 🙂


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